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So it turns out even with all the ideas that go through my brain, its hard to actually put them up on my blog. Now I need to fill you in on the past few days. Hopefully I will start to learn some consistency for you folks. For now this blog is going to be a bit long-winded, I’m sorry… I’m not sorry. Hope you enjoy!

Let’s begin with Friday. Who doesn’t love Friday? Especially when the week was extremely long and drawn out. I mean 5 whole days of work… are you serious?! Normally on a wedding weekend my Friday night consists of setting up for the wedding and rehearsal with the bridal party. But this rehearsal was pretty easy and didn’t require my attendance. However a wonderful BBQ at a friend’s house was mandatory attendance. Now this is more of a “friend of a friend,” but I felt very welcomed none the less. We had an awesome time juicing! I have never juiced anything before but mixing up pretty much any fruit and vegetable combo under the sun and then mixing it with vodka. Sounds like the healthiest way to get my servings of fruit, vegetables, and alcohol for the week!20130625-184753.jpgThere was also plenty of food to go around. We had burgers with all the fixin’s; lettuce, tomatoes, fried jalapeno, onions, pickles, and mushrooms. Yummy! We even cut up and fried our own French fries. Homemade French fries are the best.

As the night progressed, I couldn’t help but notice. What is with the innate primal attraction to men and meat and grilling? After everyone has a full glass, you can see the separation begin to happen. The men slowly gravitate towards the grill and the women are left behind to finish everything else in the kitchen. Now don’t get me wrong I love to cook. Even at a friend’s house helping with a BBQ. But it’s astonishing how this happens at every single cook out. I suppose it is something I should just get used to.20130625-184916.jpg20130625-184936.jpg

When I am not working my 9-5, you can find me coordinating events for Missoula and the Bitterroot area. Saturday June 22, 2013 was my first wedding of the season! This wedding had a very specific theme, MiSmAtChEd.

Setting up the reception tent was quite the task for this OCD planner. I love organization, order, and precision. So you can see why setting up mismatched tables could be a challenge for me and our interns. Once it was over and I realized I had survived, I decided that it is good for me to get out of my comfort zone. But only once in a Super Moon. (Did you guys see that thing? Dang!)


The mountains, sunsets and big red barn in Stevensville were breathtaking. It was the perfect venue for a whimsical, romantic, mismatched wedding.

Congratulations to Logan and Katie! Vendors for the event included; Thea Rae D Events, Burns St. Bistro, Black Cat Bake Shop and Green Door Photography.