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Today is a tribute blog, a tribute to my best friend. I met Greta in 6th grade at Paris middle school. Each year the students are separated into teams. They have no choice in the matter, you were “randomly” chosen for each team. However it always felt as though the computer/principal/teacher that was doing the choosing, knew exactly where each student should be. Almost like the placement was setting us up for our “future”. Future clicks anyway. Now there was no sorting hat and it was much less exciting than Harry Potter. But when you found out on the last day of school which team you were on next year, it really was quite a magical feeling. Unless you were on a sucky team…

7th grade is where we really “blossomed”. All of our friends were on the same team, the cool team and we had a blast. However every tween goes through that awkward stage in life and 7th grade is where mine hit. Lucky for me, I had Greta who so politely approached me and said that if I didn’t get a hair cut and a make over. Then we simply couldn’t be friends anymore. Now I know what you’re thinking, what a B*tch! But my hair really was out of control stringy and needed to be dealt with. With my social life in question, I let Greta decide my beauty fate. This is why Greta and I work so well. Some may not understand our friendship but we are honest and barely fight. It just works for us!

 Because Greta and I lived so close, we were destined for GFHS. So it made sense that we tried out for cheerleading together. Once try outs were over, I made JV and Greta didn’t make the cut. She holds it against me… but I guess I can thank her for the hair cut! Towards the end of freshman year we were in for another shock. Greta was moving to Alaska. Alaska?! She might as well move to China, it seemed just as far away.

 As the years went on, Greta would come back to MT for a few weeks during the summer. We would all hang out and catch up. Every time it was like we hadn’t been apart, we could easily pick up where we left off. I loved that about Greta. So I knew when I got the news that she was moving back to Missoula for a year, we would be back to normal.

 Our first day hanging out was no different; we were able to catch up as if no time had passed. I knew we were going to have an awesome year together. And boy did we ever! Greta is an amazing chef, she loves to experiment and try new recipes. We spent many nights cooking up a storm, trying new breweries, and bonding with our dogs. I have a toy Pomeranian and Greta has 2 Huskies. The 3 of them make the best of friends. Together we are an odd pack but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

 Greta helped me to be healthier, more active outdoors, and use fresh products for recipes. She really is an amazing friend and I truly enjoyed our year together. It was really hard to watch her pack up all her possessions and put them in her car along with her 2 giant dogs. The good-byes seem to be getting harder but I know that we will always stay in contact. She is my best friend of 13 years. We share secrets, problems and adventures. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. I know that in any situation that she has my back and will be there. I hope she knows that I will always return the favor. Enjoy New York Greta! Coco and I can’t wait to see you again soon! Xoxo

 P.S. If you want to keep up with Greta’s adventures, follow her blog. Thebestrueben.wordpress.com