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Unless you’re a model then taking pictures is the norm. But most people tend to only take professional pictures for school, graduations and their wedding. However when you happen to know a great photographer that is willing to do a random photo shoot. Then you’re in luck! You can pretend to be a model and set up crazy fun shoots. And that’s exactly what I did with Kaitlin at Kandid Photography in Missoula.

I have only had professional pictures taken once, for my high school senior pictures in 2005. Once I graduated college I really considered doing some portraits or headshots. If not to simply celebrate graduation but to update profiles for the post grad job hunt. At the time I graduated, I was wearing some really fun adult braces! (Yes. It was completely my choice & No. I do not regret them.) So for me it seemed pointless to take any photos that would be irrelevant in a year. I decided to wait, let my teeth turn into perfection and snoop around on Pinterest for awesome photo shoot ideas instead. Then when the time was right I would be full of ideas and could really showcase my inner creative/professional self.


Kaitlin English is the owner/operator of Kandid Photography in Missoula. She specializes in all types of photography. Which she has beautifully captured local weddings, maternity shoots, portraits, as well as advertising pics for local boutiques. Now off camera I have all the confidence of Super Woman and sometimes that can get me in trouble… But once I had my make-up done and was ready to shoot. Here come the butterflies and nervous giggles. Like I said if you’re not a model then taking pictures can be weird. Thankfully Kaitlin was very professional, energetic and helpful. She described her thought process and helped me pose correctly. Once we really started shooting, she was the boss and I took her direction completely. After all she is the one that knows what she’s doing!

I would say that Kaitlin went above and beyond for my local photo-shoot. She took me to multiple locations, helped with outfit changes, and took ALL my ideas into consideration. I was pretty nervous to see the photos. I wanted to wait until I was completely photo shopped to check ‘em out! But she sent me a few sneak peeks and I could not have been more thrilled. Kaitlin did an absolutely fantastic job! Don’t you think? (I mean not trying to brag but I’m OBSESSED.) I am proud to use these photos for my blog, profile pictures, and to give to my parents. I know that these will help to update my online presence in a big way. Huge thanks to Kandid Photography for the photos and fun time. P.S. what a cute name right?! I love a good business name that is full of meaning. 20130705-133412.jpg Stay tuned for more info on  my shoot make-up and the Missoula Smooch Boutique.