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Let’s review a new restaurant in Missoula, shall we?! Recently my wonderful parents were in town and wanted to treat me to dinner. We are quite the adventurous family who loves to eat, so we rarely turn down the opportunity to try a new local restaurant. While we all have different palates, we all came to the same decision on this new Missoula restaurant.

The Walking Moustache is located on the corner of Main and Ryman. It’s where the old Thai Spicy used to be. (Side note…I will miss the late night Thai Spicy window. It was quick an easy for all the wasted college kids downtown. I sure will miss the techno music blasted until 2 A.M. while they prepare your food.) However The Walking Moustache is a 24/6, 3 meals per day restaurant. So I suppose it will replace late night Thai with a comfortable seated area when you need to sit and soak up alcohol with food.

The best thing about the restaurant is the renovations to the building. They completely deconstructed the inside and started from scratch. The dining area is fresh, well-lit, and smells clean. The owners really put some time into making this place their own. Speaking of owners, 2 brothers from the east coast boasting large moustaches themselves opened The Walking Moustache in honor of their late mother. Clever name, but I better not find a moustache hair where it shouldn’t be…

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:


  • Clean dining area
  • Open 24/6
  • Charlie Chaplin themed
  • Meals prepared with local ingredients
  • Located downtown
  • Validated parking
  • Daily specials


  • Servers
  • Loud
  • Chef’s can’t prepare meat to order


  • Out of multiple drinks and ingredients
  • Chatty Owners

I’m going to lay it all out on the table for you. At the time of my first visit to TWM, they had only been open about 3 weeks. So I will be giving the restaurant a slight pass in areas. My waitress was brand new; you can always tell when they are lacking in serving experience… I suggest that TWM have a weekend training seminar on the do’s and don’ts in the serving industry. They were really just lacking basic knowledge about how to properly speak to customers, menu items, and how to serve meals. I do love the back-story behind the restaurant but I don’t need to hear it from every server oh and both the owners. I appreciate the use of local ingredients and the availability of food for customers downtown all day. But every chef needs to be able to prepare meat to order. Both my dad’s steak and my lamb were under-cooked. Every restaurant will have its kinks in the beginning. So I hope they can pull it together and figure things out or they will succumb to the black hole of restaurants who have failed before them. I am going to give The Walking Moustache another shot once they have gotten their act completely together.

The business cards are pretty sweet and multi-functional. If you are in the area and decide to try it out, let me know! I hope you enjoy.