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I think I should just get the apologies out-of-the-way first. I sincerely do apologize to all my loyal readers, thank you for waiting so patiently! Work has been crazy busy and I had to put in extra time so I could take a week of vacation. I know, I know. Typical excuses blah blah blah.

I will do my best to catch you up on the most recent events. I decided to take a week off and relax. I used a couple of those days to go completely out of cell service and hang with my best girls in the woods.

Greta has a cabin in the mountains near Great Falls. So she invited Erin, Kady and I to come visit. We brought our dogs and all the necessities. Tons of food, beer, wine and tequila. Like I said necessities! We had the most amazing time together. It was exactly what we needed before Greta starts her big trek to the great state of New York.

Naturally when drinking champagne, it is best to start drinking as early as possible. I do prefer a good day drunk rather than an all nighter. With day drinking you have time to recover, eat a big dinner, and get a good nights sleep. You wake up feeling fine because your body has already completed all the stages and doesn’t need to be hung over in the AM. I would much rather be a lil hung over around 8 pm than not able to function the entire next day. That is what happens when you drink as you get older. You and your body are out of commission for an entire 24 hours, at least. There is no way around it.

Sunday morning after the girls gab fest, we decided to make a scrumptious brunch! Crepes are my absolute favorite breakfast/brunch item. They are much better than pancakes for multiple reasons. They can be eaten savory or sweet. Pancakes are thief’s! They steal and soak up all the butter and syrup and then always turn into a big mouthful of paste. They are just no good, pancakes zero, crepes win. Always.

20130730-135310.jpgOur smorgasbord of crepe fillings included sausage, ham, bacon, and spicy fried salmon for the savory side. For the sweet tooth we had fresh grapes, nectarines, and strawberries topped with a little whipped cream or honey. Both options paired very nicely with scallions, goat cheese, and diced jalapeno. I love having the option of savory or sweet. Except I always just oink out and have both. Then both my salty and sweet sides are satisfied.

20130730-135303.jpgI love that my friends are always willing to have a fun time together. We all enjoy preparing good food and each others company. I wouldn’t trade these girls’ weekends for anything.  What a wonderful send off for miss Greta!