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Either I should be better about apologizing or all of you should learn to love my inconsistent tendencies with this blog. From the beginning that was never my intention! I wanted to upload a blog for you every day but my biggest dilemma is not having any of the Microsoft Office programs work on my computer. Therefore I can either blog on my phone or at work UGH! But don’t worry I am in the process of getting a new computer, but I can’t decide Mac or PC…

Moving on! We are going to have to press the rewind button on my life so you can catch up. When I was home hanging with my fam, my mom and I decided to do a little Sunday Fun-day action and head on down to the races. The horse races that is! Even though this was our 2nd time going, I still had no clue how to win. The lines were long and I felt very rushed when having to place my bet. I ended up only betting a couple of times because I’m a brat…..and I HATE losing. Not my mama though, she was killin it! She won almost every race she bet on. Keep in mind she had no idea what she was doing either but she must have been on a lucky streak that day.


Horse racing is so intense! From the time the horses leave the gates and race to the finish line, it feels like a blink of an eye. They are like lil bolts of lightning. I have pretty bad vision but it’s so hard to tell who actually wins at all. Good thing they takes pictures at the finish line and it’s probably an even better thing that it’s not my job to declare the winner. I would just pick the prettiest pony, no matter the rank. That was the plan for us, we chose by the color of the horse, color of the jockey’s outfit, or even just based on the horses name. Whatever caught our eye was going to be the winner, in her case at least. At the end of the day, we had an awesome time. She won a grand total of 11 bucks and I enjoyed some sun, a beer, and great quality time. I think for next year I’m gonna have to buy a “Horse racing for Dummies” book. Can’t wait!20130814-144908.jpg

Later that night I went to the Kip Moore concert. For $10 dollars you get a general admission ticket to watch one hot country man sing and dance for you. He is pretty sexy and when he sings, it feels like he is sing right to you! How do they do that? Kip has quite a few popular songs out right now and he is climbing the country charts. I am glad I got in for such a good price because a few days later he was in Missoula doing a concert at Big Sky Brewery for $50 per ticket! Yikes! I can be quite cheap but that’s a big difference for the same show. Given the choice why wouldn’t you get in to see a show or two at the fair?! Don’t worry there is more to come on my 2013 fair experiences so stay tuned! (I promise it will be sooner rather than later….)