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Every year the Montana State Fair pulls into Great Falls for one week and easily provides the best entertainment of the year. This fair is a pretty big deal for ol Great Falls! From middle school on, I have always looked forward to going to the fair. When I was younger the fair was considered the social event of the year. My friends and I would go to the mall, pick out new outfits and get ready for our night out on the town. Now in 8th & 9th grade it was crucial to look your best at the fair. You could hang out with all of your friends (boys included) with out parental supervisor. It really made us feel older than we were and we loved it!20130816-151822.jpg

I went to the Thompson Square concert and quickly realized that my younger fair days are long gone. Especially when the concert is on a Tuesday, everyone my age had to work the next day, so staying out late and hanging out on the fair way was a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong, the fair is still a good time! I loved the concert and grabbing a few brews with my pals in the beer garden. But as the years have progressed I would consider myself more of a “day walker” when it comes to the fair. I like to get in at the early bird prices, walk around & actually view the exhibits, and eat a healthy lunch consisting of all fried fair foods. This is usually something I do with my parents for a little family bonding time.

This year we went early and tried to beat the heat but that only worked for about an hour. We each have our own fair favorites, my dad loves Vikings (fried meatballs on a stick), I love Gut-buster Cowpies (fried cheeseburgers) and my mom tends to sample everything. We really outdid ourselves this year! We tried the Vikings, Cowpies, steak-on-a-stick, pulled pork, Hawaiian chicken, fried jalapeno, fresh squeezed lemonade, caramel apples, and cotton candy! Whew! I get full just thinking about it all over again. I wanted to take a picture but we were so hungry we shoveled it all in before I realized I didn’t document our feast! I suppose you will just have to go try it all for yourself.


After our 10 course lunch we decided to roll ourselves onto the trolley and have it take us around the fair. Every year I get super excited for the petting zoo. I love to pet the baby goats and fat pigs! But to my disappointment this year, the petting zoo was replaced by an exotic animal tent. Which included a white fox that was stuck in a hot glass box, small lizards, a baby alligator (with its mouth taped and no mama in sight) and of course the ever so exotic prairie dog…. WHAT THE!?! Are you kidding me? 1. Where was PETA that day? And 2. Prairie dogs are indigenous to Montana therefore quite ridiculous to consider them an exotic animal at the Montana State fair…. I was extremely annoyed to say the least. I miss my fat piglet!

Lucky for my dad that meant that we had some extra time so we got to see all the motors, and gadgets, and whirly-pops. These things are right up his alley he loves to tinker and collect things and make them work. It was nice to enjoy the exhibits produced by hard-working Montanans and see what other people enjoy as a hobby. It really does take all types of people to make the world go round! I am going to consider this year’s fair a success for the 2013 books.