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As previously mentioned I have a slight case of OCD. Where I really started to notice my OCD tendencies was in college. I couldn’t help it, I was always organizing, color coding, and coordinating my classes. This made me take a good look at my past and easily determine that it has been going on for a long time. Even as a kid my room had to be cleaned in a certain order. Each doll, toy, and trinket had its own place and once I was done with it, it needed to be returned to its exact home. My bookshelf was just shy of resembling a library, Dewey decimals and all! I enjoyed cleaning my cousins’ rooms and was quick to get upset when they put their toys out of my order.

Just like every other kid, I looked forward to summer and all its glory. I loved my freedom from school. But I was always “that kid” who was more excited about the end of summer for one reason….back to school supply shopping! Call me spoiled but I had to have all new supplies, every single year. There was just something so magical about breaking open a new box of Crayola crayons. Mmm I love the smell of sharp, fresh, crayons.

I am very grateful for my parents who put up with my OCD antics every school year. My mom was always so willing to take me to multiple stores to make sure I got everything on my school supply list. I am thankful they were so patient when I had to visit every office supply store in town, just to make sure I could get all my specific brands and see if they had anything new to offer me.

What I really loved was organizing all my supplies in my back pack for the first day of school. Everything needed to fit in my backpack just perfectly; I wanted to be prepared for my big day. I had to organize all of my crayons, markers, and colored pencils. They needed to be in the “ROYGBV” (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet = Rainbow) pattern. To this day, I am still confused why Crayola can’t do a better job correctly organizing their crayons. I mean is there any other way to sell a box of crayons? If I need a specific shade of light green, it shouldn’t be anywhere near the red crayons. Am I right?!?!

Now that I’m no longer a student, I don’t get to experience the thrill of buying supplies for back to school. (My dad swore I was trying to be a professional student just for the supply shopping.) Jokes on him! Now that I work in an office, they give me office supplies… for FREE! At this same office, we decided to make donation boxes for children whose parents cannot afford school supplies. This was the perfect volunteer project for me! I was able to shop around and find the best deals to get the most school supplies for our money. I couldn’t ask for anything better, I love shopping and I love school supply shopping even more. We received quite a few donations and were able to donate a nice big box to local schools. I like to think that with these donations, I am making young students love school, learning, and school supplies just as much as me.


                                                                               Have a great school year everyone!