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I would definitely describe myself as a self proclaimed animal enthusiast. Growing up we always had animals at the house. I tried my best to keep each and every one alive but sometimes you just lose a few goldfish. Somehow unbeknown to me, I managed to earn my parents trust and move on to the bigger & better animals. We seem to be addicted to orange cats and we have had our fair share over the years.

Today’s blog is all about the most recent furry friend and how he came to be ours. This is the story all about… Butch. Butchy-boy. Fat-boy. Buuuuutch. (We call him everything under the sun, pretty much whatever rolls off your tongue.) Well it only makes sense to start from the beginning, so we are going back, way back. On a cool spring morning in 2003 my dad was ranch sitting* for a friend. Before he went to lock up the house he noticed 2 small furry blobs on the porch. Neither of them was moving, not even a little bit, not even at all. My dad knew he had to dispose of the baby kitties, so he picked them up and to his surprise, the littlest orange one moved! My dad being the compassionate animal lover he is, put the smallest baby kitten in his shirt pocket and drove home.20130906-101959.jpg

(Please read carefully, this is the recipe on how to make a “Garfield”.) Once my dad got back to town he stopped in at Petco and got all the supplies to hand/bottle feed a newborn kitten. This lil baby kitty was no more than a few days old and he needed his mama but all he had was my human dad. From that day on, my dad would have a cat, and that cat’s name is Butch. My dad made Butch his new home; a small box with a fox fur in the bottom and a ticking clock (to sound like the moms heartbeat). Newborn kittens need to be fed about every 4 hours. So that was really fun for the family to get up in the wee hours of the morning and take shifts feeding our kitten. But honestly who doesn’t love to have a kitten around?! They are so cute and cuddly, little fur balls of fun! After months of bottle feeding, our little kitten started to become a fat kitten. Butch is a long hair tabby; his fur was growing almost as fast as his tummy.20130906-102036.jpg

As he got older he moved to hard food and started his journey into adult cathood. However even to this day he still loves to be turned on his back and suckle on your knuckle. Butch was very playful and loved to drag around his fox fur. He was the craziest little cat. Now almost 11 years later Butch-boy is going strong. By strong I mean he gracefully waddles around the house at a cool 21 pounds… YIKES! This cat is swol! From the beginning he was spoiled, bottle fed (probably longer than needed), tons of treats, and over feeding. Butch just really loves to eat, if we were to leave his food bin open, I know that he would crawl inside and gorge himself. Cat loves his food. He has been on a diet for about 5 years… he might have lost 1 lb. Kitty needs to go to cross-fit but we love him anyway.20130906-103121.jpg

The second best part about my kitty pal is his fluffy fur. He is so FLUFFY! I love to squeeze him with all my love. Expect for when his fur gets matted down and dirty. He then needs a summer time shave! How appropriate for our obese feline. He used to have to be sedated but now he is so old and doesn’t care, he just lets them shave all his fur off into sweet lion cuts. It’s amazing how much smaller he looks, but then you see his HUGE fat pouch draggin on the ground when he walks and realize all that was hidden beneath his coat. (He is not ashamed at all, he caries his paunch with pride!) He is quite the character, he never meows. Just opens his mouth but nothing comes out, he never learned how to meooow from his mommy cat. He did learn how to purr! He loves to jump up on my dads shoulder and sleep. Butch has no idea that he is morbidly obese and mute. He thinks that’s how all orange farm cats turned domestic live. I do love my fat-boy and enjoy squeezing him. I know he loves his “crusher” too. He is the second best cat I’ve ever had and I’ll keep him around for as long as hell let me!20130906-102114.jpg

(*Ranch sitting = Montana term for taking care of someone else’s ranch while they are away.)